Beginner’s Guide TO Learn SEO

SEO-Search Engine Optimization, there are lot definitions for SEO according to their prospective, according to me SEO is an process of making our website visible to search engines and get them into SERP ASAP.

While Doing SEO to your Website, please be cautious about these two: Black Hat SEO Technique (BHT) and White Hat SEO Technique (WHT). Make sure to you always follow WHT to rank your site in SERP. Because using BHT to rank fast in SERP will lead to Google Penalty.

In General we say SEO is classified into two types, they are:

SEO Techniques
  1. On-Page Technique
  2. Off-Page Technique

In this article I will provide overview of On-page Technique and an in depth info of Off-Page Technique.

On-Page Technique:

According to me On-page Technique is the most important technique, we use to Rank Each and Every page of our website and to optimize Each and Every page of our website.

SEO On-page Technique involves all the technical aspects of your website either it is developed using php or wordpress.

Now a days a lot sites are developed using WordPress platform and according to me the main reason everyone are moving towards this platform is because it is user friendly as well as SEO friendly and the most importantly it is cost effective!

Different aspects Comes under SEO On-Page Techniques are:

  1. Website Content
  2. Tags
  3. Headers
  4. Image Optimization
  5. URL Optimization
  6. Internal/External Links
  7. Page Speed
  8. Mobile Friendly Site

The Main Reason to Include Mobile Friendly Site is from late 2017 Google is ranking Websites according to its mobile version, which is reason now a day’s all the SEO Experts are saying Mobile First Indexing.

The In-Dept Info Regarding all these On-Page Techniques will be provided in Next Article.

Off-Page Technique:

For SERP positions initially content is the king, but my maintaining only content without SEO score means you’re losing a lot of traffic! To gain SEO score this Off-Page Technique plays vital role to increase our Domain Rate (DR) and URL Rating.

If we a have Great Content with good DR then there is no stooping in the SERPs and also traffic to our Website. To increase DR we have to add External Links to our Website.

Now, what are External Links?

If we make our website visible in other website with a Redirecting URL then those links are called External Links. Similarly if we use Redirecting URLs to our webpage in our domain itself then those are called Internal Links.

Generally these Links are of two types, Do-Follow Links & No-Follow Links.

The Difference between these two links is, from Do-Follow Links bots can crawl our website these links add great advantage to our website but from No-Follow Links only webpage will be Visible but bots cannot visit our link.

According to me SEO Off-Page Techniques are classified into 7 types:

  1. Infographics/Classifieds
  2. Blog Commenting/Profile Creation.
  3. Bookmarking
  4. Directory Submission
  5. Blogging
  6. Articles & Press-Release

1. Infographics/Classifieds:

                The 1st Technique is Infographics/Classifieds submissions. In present Days users are more attracted to infographics than the content, so try to create Attractive images and post them in various classified submission sites, this will drive a huge traffic to our site. You create free infographics in these two sites Canva & Crello. A Simple Infographic Image is Shown Below.


2. Blog Commenting/Profile Creation:

                According to me this Technique plays a vital role to increase our DR ASAP. Always initially try comment in relevant Niche Blogs, by commenting in relevant blogs there is a possibility of driving some traffic to our website and profile creation will provide us a Do-follow Backlink for our Website.

3. Bookmarking:

                In Present days Bookmarking is done by very few people, According to me doing more bookmarking to our site means we are adding junk to our site, because currently there will be no traffic coming to our webpage if we do bookmarking and now a day’s all the links we are getting from bookmarking sites are with low DR this will not add any great advantage to our site.

4. Directory Submission:

                Directory Submission is similar to Bookmarking only difference is Directory submission links will instantly boost our Website positions and more importantly Directory submission sites provide high keyword Quality Backlinks to our Website. Once if you’re get used to Ahref’s and SEMrush then you will get to know all these terminologies.

5. Blogging:

                Try to create your own blog using Blogger or WordPress or Wix, currently there are so many sites allow us to create free blogs. The Main Reason to create blog from any one of those sites is to drive traffic to our webpage. All we have to do is post some unique content or even Articles in those blogs and make sure you have placed Redirecting URL’s to your Webpage with your Targeted Keywords.

6. Articles & Press-Release:

                I’m merging these two techniques because in these two techniques submission Format is same. First we have write some unique content then search for Guest Posting sites with high DR here some sites will allow free Guest Post but Some sites Ask for Money to approve the Guest-post. If you’re posting info regarding any new technology or inventions then submit those articles in Press Release sites, this will add a lot of Traffic to our Website!


                In the above Article I have enclosed overview of SEO On-Page Technique and almost complete info on Off-Page Techniques. I have provided above Information upto the knowledge I gained from past few years. Suggestions & Feedbacks can be provided in Comments Session.

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